Kamera Medium Format Fuji GF670W Meluncur Maret

21 Feb

 Fuji GF670W medium format


Fuji akan meluncurkan GF670W, kamera medium format yang telah diperkenalkan sebelumnya di Photokina 2010. Kamera film medium format ini merupakan versi lai dari kamera Fujifilm GF670 rangefinder dan akan diirilis pada 23 Maret di Jepang. 

Fuji GF670W memiliki lensa Fujinon EBC 55mm f/4.5, pada versi sebelumnya menggunakan lensa Fujinon EBC 80mm f/3.5.

Fujifilm GF670 Fuji GF670W medium format film camera to be released next month 

Spesifikasi Fuji GF670W

Format 6 × 7cm size rangefinder camera with integration
Screen Size 6 × 7cm, 6 × 6cm size switchable screen size
The actual screen size: 6 × 7cm 56 size × 69mm, 6 × 6cm 56 × 56mm size
Using Film 120/220 roll film
Number of shots. Size 6 × 7cm exposures 120:10, 220:20 exposures
Size 6 × 6cm exposures 120:12, 220:24 exposures
Lens EBC FUJINON 1:4.5 f = 55mm Minimum focusing distance group consists of 10 8: 0.7m Aperture: F4.5 ~ F22
Diagonal angle size 6 × 7cm 77 ° (35mm equivalent to 27mm size) 6 × 6cm 72 size ° (35mm equivalent to 30mm size)
Focusing Susumu Tadashi helicoid Manual (feeding total)
Finder 6 × 7cm, 6 × 6cm screen change size in bright automatic switching
Viewfinder Magnification: 0.52 times baseline length: 37.2mm (effective baseline length: 19.3mm)
Rangefinder works: 0.7m ~ auto-correction field of view Parallax ∞ 3m 90%
Viewfinder Shutter speed shooting mode, exposure warning outside of work, the battery voltage warning
Display shutter blade open Viewfinder eyepiece at the bottom LED (red) light
Shutter Electronically controlled lens shutter
Valve, 4 seconds to 1 / 500 sec
Synchro X sync terminal contacts sync at full speed, with hot shoe
Exposure Control Center-weighted averaging metering (metering external) photodetectors: SPD relative range: EV1.3 ~ 18 (ISO100)
Shooting Mode Aperture-priority AE, manual exposure, AE lock by pressing the shutter button halfway
Exposure compensation ± 2EV 1 / 3 step increments
Film speed Manually set ISO25 ~ 3200 (1 / 3 step increments)
In loading the film Manual
Film feed Dial hoisting ceremony
Frame counter Mechanical counter with auto-switching 120/220 slide film pressure plate
Auto Reset Open Back, 6 × 7cm, 6 × 6cm in size switching automatically switches the screen size counter
Power Lithium battery CR2 (3V) 1
Exterior Design Body: die-cast aluminum exterior components include: magnesium alloy
Other Cable Release Tripod screw hole Screw hole Firumuinjiketapoketto
Size 178 (W) × 109 (H) × 89 (D) mm
Weight 1100g (by battery)

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